Frequently Asked Questions

What is CancerAid?

CancerAid is a free app that can help you better organise your cancer care by:

  • Accessing medically reliable information
  • Tracking your symptoms and personal experiences
  • Monitoring your activity and exercise
  • Reading articles and resources from other patients who might have gone through similar experiences
To download the CancerAid app, go to

What is the CancerAid Plus Program?

The CancerAid Plus program is an innovative educational program designed to help individuals gain better control of their cancer care. The program is based on evidence-based science to give patients the right tools to achieve better outcomes. The CancerAid Plus Program includes:

  1. An educational program with a series of informative articles based on clinically-proven science
  2. Educational videos focused on improving your understanding of cancer care
  3. Motivational articles and advice written by other patients describing their experiences
  4. Access to medication resources with more information about medication and your condition
  5. Access to the award-winning CancerAid app, with the ability to track symptoms, medications & activity

Who can access the CancerAid Plus Program?

To meet Medicines Australia requirements, the CancerAid Plus Program is available only for patients prescribed certain medications. For now, this includes lung cancer medications made by Roche, XTANDI® (enzalutamide) made by Astellas, and Zoladex® (goserelin) made by AstraZeneca. If you are eligible, you will be able to enrol into the program by speaking to your medication prescribing clinician.

What is the relationship between the pharmaceutical company and CancerAid?

CancerAid is an award-winning independent company providing the CancerAid Plus Program. All educational content is evidence-based and independent. The CancerAid Plus Program is supported by the pharmaceutical company for its distribution only.

Will my data be shared?

Absolutely not. We understand that your personal health is private, and CancerAid takes your privacy and data security seriously.
In accordance with Australian Privacy Principles, no identifying information or data you disclose to CancerAid will be provided back to the sponsoring pharmaceutical company or any other partners. To read CancerAid’s Privacy Policy, go to

How do I sign up for the CancerAid Plus Program?

You can enrol in the CancerAid Plus Program with the QR code or link provided to you. You will be prompted to download the CancerAid app from the App or Play Stores. To gain access to the Plus Program, you must create an account. If you have already signed up with CancerAid, then your account will be updated to include the CancerAid Plus Program. Always ensure you use the QR code or link to access the CancerAid Plus Program.

What is the cost of the CancerAid Plus Program?

The CancerAid Plus program is completely free for you.

How do I get started?

You can download the free CancerAid app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To access the Plus Program, you will need to use the unique QR code or link provided to you by your clinician.

What do the lessons involve?

The Plus Program provides you with access to five educational modules. These modules have been designed with leading cancer experts from around the world. The modules provide you with the tools and information you need to improve control of your cancer treatment timeline. The lessons will cover topics including Symptom Management, Activity & Exercise, Diet & Nutrition, Sleep and Living Well With Cancer.

What happens at the end of the Plus Program?

At the end of the Plus Program you will retain full access to the CancerAid app and the lessons included in the program. The CancerAid team is here to support you and will you keep access to all your information, videos and tools free of charge.

What is the time commitment?

The CancerAid Plus Program is a 5-week program you can complete at your own pace and convenience. During the program, you will complete weekly lessons, record any symptoms or experiences, and practice what you learn. Each week's program takes approximately 10 minutes.

How do I access the program?

You will need to use the QR code or link provided to you. These will work both if you have already downloaded the CancerAid app or are downloading and registering an account on the CancerAid app for the first time. If you are continue to have trouble accessing the CancerAid Plus Program, you can contact

How do I track my progress?

The weekly educational content will remain visible after its completion for future reference. You can use the CancerAid Personal and Symptom Journals to keep track of your progress.

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